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Shanghai UB Machinery Co., Ltd. is a global enterprise integrating design,development,manufacturing and marketing of world-class torque products.

Through advanced integrated processes,modern equipment and experienced and versatile management team,we can successfully compete with anyone,and to provide best value available.

Our quality management methods fully comply with ISO90001:2000 and have been so accredited.Our operating principle is prompt service,customer satisfaction,mutual benefit,and progress through continuous innovation.We respond to,and are driven by customer needs,and we have assembled our technical,manufacturing and managerial teams to achieve it all times.You know what you need,and we have the organization and means to make it on time and on budget.

For product inquiries, please contact us at

service line:400 820 5285     86 021 63763164

E-mail:novatork@kingtonub.com     Tel: 86 021 63678175      Fax: 86 021 63672809

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